Shields of Captain America wall art is, simply put, *gorgeous*

We all have our favourite Avengers. Some folks love Bruce Banner’s shy quippiness, The Hulk’s brazen love of destruction, Tony Stark’s billionaire machismo, Black Widow’s flat-out refusal to maintain the same hair colour across movies… and of course, how could we forget Steve. You’d be hard pushed to find any Marvel fan who doesn’t love Steve Rogers. His unwavering patriotism and upbeat can-do attitude is part of why he has endured across the MCU so far, and what better way to celebrate the man than with a Captain America shields poster?

From the folks over at Pop Chart Lab comes this nifty wall art print, measuring 18” x 24” and featuring all of Cap’s shields from throughout his comic book tenure.

captain america shields poster

Pop Chart Lab and Marvel Comics have teamed up to bring you wall art worthy of the first Avenger: a compendium of shields wielded by Captain Americas from across the Marvel multiverse!

Beginning with Steve Rogers’ iconic escutcheon of liberty, this breakdown of bucklers careens and caroms across Marvel history, covering almost every shield Cap has ever carried—including his indestructible Golden Age disc, WWII-era “Ultimate” Cap’s pointy weapon of choice, and even the rune-covered shield of “Captain Mexica” (hailing from a zombified Aztec Earth, natch). Each awe-inspiring aegis is heroically hand-illustrated and annotated with its issue and multiversal Earth of origin—making this latest PCL x Marvel collaboration the most potent combination since Vibranium met Adamantium.

Get your Captain America shields poster over at Pop Chart Lab for $29.

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