Boba Fett Sugar Skull shirt: show your love for the next Star Wars spin-off early!

In case you’ve not heard – we’re getting another Star Wars anthology movie. Nope, it’s not a Princess Leia one, which we *should* be getting, but one dedicated to the bounty hunter who appears in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and winds up getting disposed of in an unceremonious fashion. Yes, folks, I’m talking Fett! Now that we’re officially getting a movie based on this character, now might be the time to showcase your affection for him with a Boba Fett Sugar Skull shirt.

What’s a sugar skull shirt? It’s a style that revolves around the Day of the Dead traditions, and you can pick up the Boba Fett shirt exclusively at FYE.

boba fett shirt

Grab your Boba Fett sugar skull shirt at FYE for $26.

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