What’s FILMJACKER all about then?

Nutshell? Okay, in the briefest terms possible:

I aim to bring you daily coverage of pop culture collectibles, toys, shirts, lunchboxes, and the like, along with original and rather amusing long-form blog posts on movie lifestyle hacks, how-tos, and my must-see movie recommendations.


Movie buffs, which may or may not include, “The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, and dickheads.” 

Also, pop culture enthusiasts, cinephiles, and TV nerds.

If you’re a person who says – hand on their heart – at every Black Friday, “I’m not getting any more Blu-rays!” then ends up buying oodles of box sets, a new TV, and a Deadpool trouser press, this is the place for you.

Who the hell is behind this show?

Gem Seddon.

That’s me, look!

Well, not me, me. Alright. Here’s me, facing off with the T-800.

Fun things to know about me:

  • I’m a freelance writer, professional blogger, and librarian with a love of movies, telly, and collectibles. I’m also quite fond of figuring out how to feed my nerd habit without waving buh-bye to dinner.
  • I’ve been involved with films in some capacity since I was about 17, and really got stuck into writing about movies 7 years ago.
  • FILMJACKER smushes – yes, I smush – together two parts of my life pretty damn well: being a colossal geek and being an informed colossal geek.
  • You know what’s so damn brilliant about being a librarian too? I’ve got the skills to thoroughly research what I’m writing about, providing you with a twofer: top-notch expertise and geek-tastic articles!

FILMJACKER is driven by my years of research knowledge + years of eating, breathing, sleeping, and writing about movies.

Here are the main three things I’m going for with this here blog:

1. I’m here to help you maximise your entertainment experience

I want you to have the best time with movies and TV shows. Does that sound a bit like I’m trying to tell you how to watch films? I am! Every week I’m going to publish blog posts to give you ways to get more out of the movie and TV-watching experience.

You’ll find all this stuff in the how-to section:

2. I’m going to bring you the latest and best toys, gadgets, merchandise, and deals

I love everything about movies, in case you hadn’t noticed. That includes all the stuff surrounding movies. The shirts, the posters, the lunchboxes, the uhh… ice cube trays? Yep. All of it. With licensing deals everywhere, it can get a little overwhelming to sort through all of the products available.

Not anymore. All that stuff you’ll find in the collectibles section, that’s updated daily to let you know of the coolest new swag out for movie fans:

3. I’m going to offer you my geek-fuelled advice, tips, and hacks for getting more out of movies

How is this geek-fuelled? I’ve written about pop culture for years. Movies, mostly. My work’s appeared at all of these lovely places:

Here is the main reason I’ve created this blog. Well, two reasons, actually.

  1. I want to help you be the best damn movie nerd you can be.
  2. I want you to experience all the wondrous stuff the movies have given me.

Whether you find a movie that you’d never heard of before, or figure out a new way to appreciate the cinema, or you find that perfect C.H.U.D. t-shirt you’ve been simply dying to get your hands on. I’m gonna help you become a great, big… FILMJACKER.

Too much?

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