Need a Deadpool shirt? Here are 7 tees that truly embody the sequel’s spirit of mayhem

deadpool shirt

Following his triumphant big screen rebirth a couple of years ago, the Merc with a Mouth has undergone a major transformation. No longer relegated to entries on list articles entitled “27 amazing comic book characters who were utterly wasted on screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, Deadpool is now a bona fide superstar. He’s got a successful movie franchise under his belt, and if that doesn’t work out – apparently we might not be getting a Deadpool 3 – he’s always got his comedy chops to fall back on. Perhaps he could do a Netflix stand-up special. Or a rom-com with Melissa McCarthy.

For now, let’s celebrate the joyous creation that is Wade Wilson! And who doesn’t like to celebrate fictitious people by wearing clothing featuring their likeness? Lucky for you, I’ve had a good scour across the Interwebs to hunt down the best Deadpool shirt for your collection, available right now for purchase.

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1. Whoa, that seems excessive

deadpool t shirt, deadpool shirt, best deadpool shirts

Let’s start as Deadpool means to go on… with every sort of weapon imaginable to blow away his opponents. And if all that hasn’t given you a heart attack, then that lardo burger probably will. Marvellous.

Buy it now for $19.99 at Superhero Stuff.

2. Star Wars poster mockery
deadpool star wars shirt, deadpool shirt

Everyone knows Deadpool enjoys making fun (see: riotously tearing apart) of other movie franchises. It’s his M.O. This shirt isn’t quite as R-rated as others (boo!), yet still manages to showcase his irreverence towards Star Wars.

Buy it now for $28.90 exclusively at Box Lunch.

3. My common sense is tingling

deadpool shirt, spider-man deadpool shirt

A slight dig… okay, a massive dig at Spider-Man’s iconic “spidey sense” is the main purpose behind this Deadpool shirt. Taking a poke at the webslinger is just the type of behaviour we’ve come to expect from the Merc with a Mouth.

Grab this shirt for $19.95 at Cafepress.

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4. Assisted suicide

deadpool shirt

Above all else, this shirt signifies what is truly special about Deadpool. Yes. His ability to not just poke fun at himself, but to also mark himself for death. Traverse the breadth of utter ridiculousness with this Wade Wilson vs. Wade Wilson boxing match tee.

Buy it now for $24.99 at Merchoid.
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5. Deadpool rides again!…on a unicorn

deadpool shirt, deadpool unicorn shirt

It’s well established that Deadpool is a fan of a) breaking the fourth wall and b) over-the-top hyperviolence. Now let us turn to another of his predilections: unicorns. For all of his R-rated proclivities, he isn’t afraid to embrace the softer, gentler side to his personality.

Buy the t-shirt version at Fifth Sun for $19.95 (labeled as men’s, pfft), or the sweet racerback vest version for $19.95 (labeled as ladies, double pfft).

6. I can’t brain today

deadpool shirt

Feeling a little fuzzy-headed? Perhaps you’ve imbibed too much methylated spirits, and are now nursing the hangover from hell. Or maybe you’re simply not feeling particularly fresh. Nevermind the cause – this Deadpool shirt sums up that sensation of mental fogginess perfectly. And with quite an inappropriate visual, too!

Buy it now at Spencers for $21.99.

7. Dick merc

deadpool shirt

I love this shirt for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s called Dick Merc. Second, it features the lovable Wade Wilson in profile, asking himself a question we’ve all pondered at one time or another: have I left the stove on?

Buy it now at Busted Tees for $25.

Of course, this batch of wildly inappropriate Deadpool shirts are just a few of my favourites, spotted whilst journeying the far reaches of the web. Have you seen any that need to be included on this here list? Shout out in the comments, folks!

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