24 phenomenal gift ideas for movie lovers, cinema geeks and TV nerds

Buying the best gifts for movie lovers is downright tough.

First off, there are many ways you can approach this problem. Do you venture down the tried-and-tested Blu-ray route? It might seem obvious, but in reality, it requires some serious Sherlock Holmes-style detective work to figure out a) which movies the movie fan in question already owns and b) which movies they’d like to own. Even that can be a dicey game. I mean, there’s probably a reason they don’t have a James Franco directorial box set, and it ain’t monetary.

I’ve been on both sides of this troublesome equation, as a recipient and a purchaser, and know that it can be a tough slog but ultimately, if you think hard and…. Wait, what am I saying? You don’t even need to think hard (save your energy for movie-watching, or perhaps cooking!) as I’ve curated this absolutely killer guide to help you snag the best gifts for movie fans.

After scouring the interwebs, I’m here to help you in source the finest geek gifts for all those special occasions. Whether it’s birthdays or anniversaries, this guide covers a wide range of geek gifts for movie lovers. Yes, there are Deadpool toys in here.

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1. Stranger Things shirt

stranger things shirt, movie lover gifts

Blasting onto Netflix, seemingly out of nowhere, Stranger Things catapulted its clutch of pint-sized heroes into a realm of utter horror… and viewers into a world packed with pop. culture nods to satisfy every nerd. Who wouldn’t dig a mish-mash of Spielberg, King and Carpenter? This Stranger Things shirt packs in all that goodness, and somehow convinces you to take a trip to the upside down…

2. Star Wars Plush Bouquet

Forget roses. Say “I love you” or “I quite like you with a strong possibility that this may blossom into love” with a unique bouquet, constructed entirely out of Star Wars plushies! This puts a spin on the typical romantic gestures while appealing to the geek heart within. A winner. (Plus, it’ll probably become highly collectible in the future.

3. Star Wars Han & Leia mug

han and leia mugThere’s smooth and then there’s smooth. And then there’s Harrison Ford’s response to Carrie Fisher’s declaration of love in The Empire Strikes Back. His simple “I know” is the stuff of improvised legend. It brings a smile to one’s face – again, because of how damn cool his delivery is – and makes you wish you had the balls to pull off a line like that. If you don’t? This mug should show you’ve at least considered it.

4. Star Trek Gnomes

With Spring… well, still several months away, it’s never too early to start thinking about the sci-fi geek’s garden. Yes, that was a sentence I just typed. Who’s to say Trekkies can’t revel in two hobbies at once? This set of Star Trek gnomes might seem weird as all get-out, but really, it’s the perfect way to add a little quirk to an outdoor space.

5. Harry Potter studio tour

harry potter studio tour, harry potter warner bros studio tour, harry potter tour

What better way to celebrate the sprawling, extensive mythology of the Potterverse than a trip to where it all took place? Well, it’s fiction, but taking a mosey around the Harry Potter studio tour at Warner Bros. in London will make you believe otherwise. Be warned: this sells out regularly. So get ahead on this one for either yourself or the Potter nerd in your life.

6. OCDAY 2800 Projector
movie projector, portable projector, best budget projector

Purchasing a projector might conjure up a nightmarish scenario involving lots of cables, shrieking and generally feeling overwhelmed by how many times you’ve said HDMI in the last hour. This option does away with all that stress. The OCDAY 2800 Lumens is a simple, straightforward budget fave with a breezy set-up. Hook up to your devices and stream movies from video apps like Netflix, and boom, you’re away. Spend less time fussing over connectivity and lumens and more time convincing everyone to watch Roadhouse.

7. Ghostbusters board game

ghostbusters game

Granted, a board game might not strike you as a particularly romantic gift idea. But FILMJACKERS are different! Work together with your best pals to rid New York City of ghosts and ghouls, in this cooperative Ghostbusters game that boasts 40 figurines and a slew of different scenarios, meaning this won’t get old after several replays. Hurrah!

8. Roku Ultra

roku ultra, roku streaming device, roku review

Gone are the days when the only option for a new release meant a trek to the local video store. Limitless viewing choices are now available at the click of a button, ready to stream instantly. Of all the devices out there, the Roku Ultra continues to score highly with experts and won’t break the bank either.

9. The Movie Doctors Book

Kermode and Mayo. They’re the English equivalent of Siskel and Ebert, except with more chatter about The Exorcist. This book works like a prescription service, with the pair of cinephiles offering up film suggestions based on movies you’ve previously enjoyed. For the film fan who’s seen everything this is an absolute winner.

10. Moviepass subscription

Moviepass made headlines last year when it reduced its monthly fee down to a mere $9.95! A Moviepass subscription is the perfect gift for movie lovers, because it lets you watch unlimited movies at the theater each month for less than ten dollars. It’s easy to set-up, easy to use and you’ll no longer have to hear from your cinephile pal about them never being able to afford the rising price of movie tickets anymore. An absolute bargain!

11. A signed movie poster

In search of a gift with a hint of something unique? Look no farther than autographed movie goods! Posters in particular are a terrific gift. Why? Well, signed movie posters come loaded with a) superb artwork and b) authentic hand scribbles from stars. They are completely one-off items, as there’s no other poster exactly the same, making them extra special.

12. Funko Pop! figures

star wars funko pop, rey funko

The world of Funko POP! Vinyls is vast. There’s nary a nook or cranny of popular culture that doesn’t have its own dedicated series of unique-lookin’ figures. Who can blame ‘em? These statuettes bring a level of true nerdiness to conversations, The Funko Pop Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy is a particular favourite, likewise, the recent Porg version from The Last Jedi.

13. Star Wars Infinity Scarf

Alright, so I know that just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you’re not excited as all get-out for a new Funko or a Hawkins Middle School hoodie. But hey – what if you’d quite fancy a new scarf emblazoned with your favourite sci-fi franchise? Look no further. This nifty infinity scarf is a ThinkGeek exclusive and it’s fab.

14. Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper

Kernel flakes stuck between your teeth, that aroma of singed corn wafting into your nostrils, and the incessant need to ingest an entire bucket before the movie actually starts. Popcorn is an integral part of the movie-watching experience. This popcorn machine brings that sensory joy to the home. Hopefully with less burning and indigestion.

15. Vizio soundbar

Home audio need not be a cause for anxiety, stress and endless jabbing at YouTube tutorials because your subwoofer won’t talk to the amp. Getting a decent audio set-up for a home entertainment system is relatively easy nowadays. The Vizio SB3821 soundbar comes in under $150 and delivers everything needed for an explosive night of cinema.

16. Terminator head mug

Ever have that moment at work when you reach for your coffee mug, and detect signs of use? But you’ve not been in since Friday! Someone else has used it! Impart overzealous fandom and a hint of menace into your workplace staff room with a Terminator head mug. No-one will dare drink from it, lest it come alive and ask them if their name is Sarah Connor.

17. Marvel Thor and Hulk Geeki TIKI mugs

Thor: Ragnarok re-united the two sparring pals and now here they are, realised as mugs. You cannot go wrong with a beverage holder emblazoned with the angered visage of Hulk or the similarly disgruntled face of Thor.

18. Deadpool Monopoly

deadpool monopoly

Everyone’s played enough Monopoly to know that the best way to win is by gobbling up the two expensive properties ASAP, furnishing them with a gazillion hotels and waiting for the cash to roll in. Until now. The Deadpool version of Monopoly turns this family-friendly classic into a game that may leave your auntie a little flushed.

19. Lootcrate box

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. Lootcrate offers the regular box at $12.95 a month, that includes 4 specially-selected pop. culture items and a t-shirt for the lucky recipient every 30 days. There’s also a handful of geek-centric boxes based on specific movie and TV shows; such as Harry Potter and Stranger Things.

FILMJACKER coupon: Get 10% off any Lootcrate box w/code LOOT10 at Lootcrate.

20. Hot Wheels Delorean

How could a list of perfect movie toys not include a nod to one of the finest pop. culture franchises of all time? No, not Romancing the Stone. I mean, Back to the Future! Nab a superb Hot Wheels version of Doc’s sweet ride, that’s likely to go up in value over the years.

21. Spider-Man: Homecoming Vinyl

The latest Spider-Man outing re-introduced the friendly webslinger to audiences, this time as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The young do-gooder won the hearts of moviegoers with his cheeky banter and lively spirit — and the bangin’ soundtrack helped, too.

22. Shudder membership

The gift that keeps on giving! If you’re still really stuck for what to get; a movie streaming subscription offers a fun way to ensure your cinephile continues to get a regular jolt. Literally; Shudder is AMC’s horror-themed streaming service that packs in movies and TV shows onto its highly-rated roster of titles.

23. Game of Thrones Dragonclaw goblets

Sup from the Dragonclaw cup! Grab a couple of these Game of Thrones goblets and decant your chosen tipple. I’d go for an old, stinky stout to fully commit to the vibe Stanis left at Dragonstone, but, if romance is in the air perhaps a light pinot. Bit more Cersei’s style, that.

24. NECA Alien queen

NECA Alien Queen, Alien Queen Figure
No movie fan can dispute the almighty presence of the Alien movie franchise’s resident bitch – the xenomorph queen. Of the many Alien action figures out there, this one far outweighs the rest in terms of detail and terror. You can pick up the existing version over at Amazon for $200, or place an order at Entertainment Earth for the new queen that’s set to hit stores in March 2018.

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