Bring a bit of Wookiee love to your life with this Chewbacca Solo Funko Pop

We are entering the summer movie season, folks! Together with the raucous violent tomfoolery of Deadpool 2, the upscale kitchen and chatty banter of Book Club, there’s Solo: A Star Wars Story which is now in theaters. Star Wars fans rejoice! Starring alongside the titular chappie is, of course, one of his long-standing comrades, the Wookiee extraordinaire. Now is a good time as any to celebrate this hairy beast with a heart of gold by snagging yourself a Chewbacca Solo Funko Pop vinyl!

Standing at a height of 3 ¾ inches, it might not bring the towering reality of Chewie into your Funko collection, but it will most certainly add a layer of heart-warming goodness.

Call your co-pilot, grab your lucky dice and head to Cloud City. OK, maybe don’t wager your new car or worse your Millennium Falcon in a game of Sabacc, but definitely opt in if the prize of one of Funko’s latest Star Wars: Solo: A Star Wars Story collection of POP! vinyl. Chewbacca , sporting his goggles an looking heavily armed, along side Tobias Beckett, Val and L3-37 and don’t forget the Funko stylized Rio Durant. The entire collection is here and you don’t even have to gamble to own it.

Buy the Chewbacca Solo Funko Pop over at Amazon and Fandango FanShop. If you fancy getting the limited edition Bobblehead version, head to BoxLunch where you can still get that badboy for only $14.90.

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Gem is a freelance entertainment journalist, a professional blogger, and social media nerd, who is uber-obsessed with the Alien franchise. She can also be found drumming, baking and being a librarian when not geeking out.

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