The 20 best Star Wars toys out in 2017

Star Wars toys are the genius creation of one George Lucas: if it weren’t for his ambition to own several yachts we’d be entirely without Han Solo carbonite ice cube trays. Luckily for the rest of the world that meant movie merchandise was about to take a step forward into a new realm, where you can deck your house out completely in Star Wars ephemera and most folks would high-five you. Whether that’s your dream, or if you just fancy a bit of BB8’s cheeriness in your abode, the galaxy far, far away doesn’t have to feel so damn far with these nifty Star Wars toys.

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20. Death Star Mood Lamp

Star wars death star


By its name, the Death Star emanates an ominous, foreboding mood. It’s great marketing, really, as it is designed to generate fear. This version of the planet-destroying weapon actually delivers something good: it radiates light to in fact help you feel calmer. I’m not sure how the Empire would feel about this, though.

19. TIE fighter model kit

Tie fighters model


TIE fighters. While, yes, they do in fact represent the evil empire’s mobile fleet, they happen to look cool. Like someone stole the solar panels off your roof and fashioned them into a mean, lean and very unique-looking vehicle. This kit is a straightforward set-up and doesn’t require loads of extra tools (you don’t even need glue!) to assemble.

18. Chewbacca mask

star wars toys


You may remember that lady from the other year who went utterly bananas over her Chewbacca mask. I’m sure you do – about 160 MILLION people have viewed her video online. It’s up to you if you want to emulate her or pick one up and create your own viral sensation. I say do the latter and send me the link when you’re done!

17. Star Wars kites

star wars kites


Other toys can attempt to put you in the seat of an X-Wing, or a TIE fighter, but this is the  way to really feel as though you’re manning a Star Wars ship. Because, in a way, that’s exactly what you’re doing! These badboys glide through the air with such finesse and grace, that it’s as if you’re really not holding onto it with string. You can pick from R2D2, Millennium Falcon, X-Wing or Death Star.

16. Sphero band

bb8 sphero toy force band


This is a two-fer: you need the BB8 toy from Sphero (get it here) and then you simply affix this hulk of awesome to your wrist (it’s very Snake Plissken, isn’t it?) What next, you ask? Oh nothing – you can just control that BB8 toy with THE FORCE! Well, sort of. The wristband gives you the option to take command of lil’ Beebers using Bluetooth.

15. Star Wars Duels

star wars games


Everyone loves playing cards. When that point in the evening arrives when you realise you’re actually rubbish at poker – bust this badboy out. Yes, it’s aimed at kids, but isn’t that what you want at 3am? A game that’s quick to learn and won’t cost you next month’s rent.

14. Star Wars 40th Anniversary Monopoly

star wars monopoly BUY IT NOW

Christmas will never be the same. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of A New Hope, treat yourself to this special edition of Monopoly! Forget trying to buy all the dark blue houses and plugging ‘em up with hotels, this version’s got ships galore, Smuggler’s cards, and a host of nifty tokens – I know, no doggie! – including a Stormtrooper helmet and the Death Star!

13. Millennium Falcon model


Han Solo’s trusty ship might be a big ole hunk o’junk, but it’s still the coolest ship to ever cruise the galaxy. Granted, this one is totally unsuitable for Kessel Runs, you can still do the next best thing: build it yourself.

12. Lightsaber Blade Builders


This is a must for any serious fan. The Bladebuilders lightsaber is the perfect type of toy: it’s not a dollar-store ripoff that’s likely to fall apart after you’ve smacked it on the side of the garage repeatedly while trying to kill a wasp, but it’s not one of the heavier duty prop-style weapons. This is the lightsaber you’ve been looking for.

11. Imperial Forces Figures


Everyone loves a Stormtrooper. Even those that bang their heads deserve a look in. This kit should get your own little evil empire started with the first ever Star Wars “Black Series” to include a Crimson Stormtrooper and black droid R2-Q5.

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