Avengers: Infinity War shirt: Spider-Man doesn’t feel good, but you’ll look great

Relive Spider-Man’s final words with this Avengers: Infinity War shirt depicting that tear-jerking sentiment! You can snag yourself a regular shirt over at Tee Public, or choose the same design on a number of items including a hoodie, sweater or vest.

The latest MCU caper featuring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has been out for a sufficient amount of time, so everyone pretty much knows the big spoiler at the end, right? As our heroes do battle with the purple titan Thanos, he wins, and with a snap of his fingers, turns half of the world’s population to dust. While that sounds like standard superhero fare, it turns into quite the heart-wrenching montage as we see our favourite characters simply disappear out of existence.

I challenge anyone to watch the scene of a young Peter Parker clutching onto life itself, as he tells Iron Man, “I don’t feel so good, Mr. Stark” and NOT well up.

Grab your Avengers: Infinity War shirt at Tee Public for $20.

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Gem is a freelance entertainment journalist, a professional blogger, and social media nerd, who is uber-obsessed with the Alien franchise. She can also be found drumming, baking and being a librarian when not geeking out.

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