Wear this Jurassic Park Hawaiian shirt and you too can become Nedry

jurassic park hawaiian shirt

There are certainly some weird pieces of movie merchandise out there. Most of them I’ve included on this site before, but one of the best has taken its time, and it’s available right here, right now. This Jurassic Park Hawaiian shirt will allow you to emulate one of cinema’s all-time greatest characters, Dennis Nedry. Of … Read more

Get prepped for this year’s reboot with a Predator shirt that takes no prisoners (and has swearing on it)

predator shirt, predator t shirt, predator t-shirt

Predator returns to the big screen later this year. Is it a reboot? Is it a sequel? Judging by the trailer released thus far – it’s a bit of both. While it’s uncertain whether Arnie will return for a cameo, whose appearance would cement that rebootquel status, one person who’s definitely returning from the original … Read more

Cosy up under a Jurassic Park DNA fleece throw and pretend you’re hiding from a Raptor

jurassic park dna fleece

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park. I know, I can’t believe it either. I feel just like the T-rex; old, bothered and with tiny, withered arms that can barely reach the remote. To celebrate the film’s lasting legacy, another Jurassic World sequel is heading into cinemas this week (if you’re in the … Read more

Need a new look? Try this Jurassic Park T-Rex costume for your next social gathering

jurassic park t-rex costume

We’ve all been there. It’s getting late, and you’re due at *the* social event of the year. Friends, family, co-workers, tennis partners, the pizza delivery guy… you name ‘em, all of the important people in your life are bound to be there, and you’re still quibbling over what to wear. Well, don’t worry, because I’ve … Read more

Add a splash of fear to your walls with this Predator art print

predator print, predator sideshow print, this is an art print of predator

Next to Alien, one of my favourite franchises that features creatures from another planet is Predator. This series of films, again – like Alien – aren’t always successful, yet it’s the Yautja (that’s the official name for the Predators) which make them so darn watchable. Well folks, if you’re also a big fan of these … Read more

Spider-Man cookie jar: take a sweet treat out of Peter Parker’s head

You know that moment at the end of Hannibal, where Lecter gently lifts off the top of Ray Liotta’s head, exposing his brain? Yes, it’s pretty gruesome. But imagine if he reached in and brought out a cookie. I know, that’s even more gruesome. Well, if you replace Ray Liotta with Peter Parker, then you’ll … Read more

Treat yourself to Deadpool’s favorite timepiece – the Adventure Time watch

adventure time watch, deadpool watch

With Deadpool 2 now in theaters, those of you who’ve seen the film may recognize a particularly nifty returning cameo. After all, there are plenty of familiar faces in the sequel. There’s Mopinder, the taxi driver with vigilante aspirations, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Blind Al… who are all GREAT. But I’m talking about a different type … Read more

This Terminator hand goblet asks, no, DEMANDS that you drink like a machine!

terminator hand goblet, terminator 2 goblet

If someone were to ask me my preferred receptacle for glugging a delicious vintage red, I’d reply “Receptacle? Hell, I’m happy with a straw!” Okay, but if they really pushed, I’d have to say, oh, a Terminator hand goblet. Why? Because who doesn’t want to experience the sensation of sipping a fine wine while the … Read more