Dealflicks review: score cheap movie tickets, get free popcorn and see more movies

This here Dealflicks review is going to help you combat two of life’s biggest questions:

  1. How can I see more movies on the big screen?
  2. How can I do that without forfeiting rent?

Dealflicks offers solutions to both those questions.

If you’ve wandered down the hallways at your local multiplex, you may have spotted signs for Dealflicks, thought “Oh that looks interesting” and then completely forgotten about it as soon as you’re in the car park.

It’s an easy way to buy cheap movie tickets that doesn’t involve a subscription.

See, my whole philosophy is thus: a trip to the cinema is always a good idea, even when the movie turns out to be an old pile of dirge. You can’t beat the feeling of watching a film on the big screen.

Still, a good movie or bad, you probably feel that sting in your wallet. Cinema-going isn’t the cheapest entertainment option nowadays. No, Scrabble’s still got that puppy locked down.

So whaddya do?

There are a ton of great ways to grab discount movie tickets, and Dealflicks is one the most underrated.

Don’t worry I’m gonna tell you all about it and how you can save money.

So, what is Dealflicks?

Dealflicks spotted a gap in the market and decided to fill it. Literally. Realizing that many movie theaters screen films with shedloads of empty seats, the team at Dealflicks concocted a cunning plan. What if those seats could be sold off cheaply?

It’s a little like Hotwire. You get a last minute bargain and there’s a strong chance you will be seated beside a crying baby. Only joking. Buy a ticket through Dealflicks for a movie of your choosing and you can get up to a 60% discount.

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1. It’s super fast to register and simple to use

I’m going to talk you through using Dealflicks right here in this first step. Yes, it’s that easy.

Head on over to Dealflicks and click Sign Up.

You can either start a new account or use one of your pre-existing social media logins to get rolling.

Once you’re in, set your location using your zip code. A list of participating movie theaters near you will then appear, and directly below, a list of movies at those theaters that currently have Dealflicks… uhh, deals:

In this case, I’m going to see Wonder Woman. Y’know, because once isn’t enough when it comes to Diana Prince. Hover over the image and it’ll show you today’s deal for that movie. Looks like 35% off the usual ticket price. YES! Click ‘View all deals.’

Now it’ll show you all of the Dealflicks offers for Wonder Woman for the next week:

Click the screening you like the look of and it’ll take you through the purchase screen.

Once you’ve paid for your ticket there’s a couple of ways to use it. You can either print off the PDF that’s automatically emailed to you, or just show the ticket confirmation number at the box office.


2. The glorious discounts!

dealflicks refer a friend
Using Dealflicks will score you a discount. Depending on which theater you’re planning to visit will – typically – determine how much you save. On average at my local theater I save around 35% off a normal price. Brilliant, right?

But wait – there’s more!

Refer a friend to Dealflicks and they get 20% off their first transaction and you get $5 of Dealflicks credit. If you’ve got a LOT of family and friends who are movie fiends, then you can accumulate a ton of credit. See a bunch of movies for niente? Wahey.

3. There’s an app!

I know. Most services have apps these days. I love this one because you don’t really have to think about it. If you’re out and about and want to go see a movie AND want to be able to afford an Uber home or a paleo pulled pork quesadilla served on locally-sourced cabbage, it’s dead simple.

There’s no scouring the web for a coupon, or a special deal at a theater. It’s right there in your pocket. Your local movie theaters are already stored.

Just click view, find a showing, purchase your tix. Boom.

4. You get concessions thrown in and it’s still cheaper than the regular price

Thing is, the cost of running a movie theater is expensive. That’s why cinemas have to make money on concessions.

So, Dealflicks always throws in a free medium popcorn with your ticket. It’s awesome. But wait a second, Gem, isn’t that taking away hard-earned cash from the cinema? Well, yes. But I don’t feel bad because of two reasons:

  1. We normally don’t take all the popcorns we’re entitled to. Last time there were 7 of us with 5 popcorns. That was ample. And you can always pass your extra two along to the person behind you in the queue and feel all lovely for paying it forward.
  2. My wife always buys Skittles

5. Dealbucks baby!

Dealbucks is Dealflicks’ version of Monopoly money. You can print off millions and jam it into your wallet to make you look like you’re carrying an impressive wad.

Actually, it’s not that. But it’s close.

Dealbucks makes it faster to buy tickets which is quite handy if you’re partial to the app. You get Dealbucks when you buy Dealflicks gift cards. The dollar value of the card is then transferred to your Dealflicks account and voila, you’ve got a load of Dealbucks credit ready to use.

GroupOn sometimes offers deals on Dealbucks, so you can get more bucks for the amount you pay. For example, get $40 worth of Dealbucks for $20.

Sometimes Dealflicks has seasonal offers on Dealbucks. Last summer I picked up an absolutely screaming deal on Dealbucks directly through their website:

That’s $80 worth of movies for $52.

6. All films are good – including movies in theaters right now

discount movie tickets, cheap movie tickets
I’m not sure about you, but I get irked when something awesome comes with a condition that utterly destroys the purpose of said awesome thing.

Like when you can use a free Ben and Jerry’s coupon… in a different store.

Luckily, Dealflicks doesn’t do any of that sneaky business.

Where some deals and offers don’t apply to new releases, that’s not the case here. I’ve bought loads of movie tickets with Dealflicks on Thursday night previews, too.

Hang on, are there any downsides?

While Dealflicks rocks the Casbah, there are a few things to know that could be improved upon:

    1. There’s a small convenience fee attached. It doesn’t eat into the discount much but it makes the savings a little less than you might originally think.
    2. Not every movie is available. If your theater uses Dealflicks – awesome – but they don’t always offer every movie currently on release and for those that are available, they might not have every single showing of the movie.
    3. Your theater may not offer Dealflicks… yet. The cool thing? You can contact your cinema and ask them to sort that out, pronto. Theater owners have switched to Dealflicks after only hearing from a couple of patrons. You can get it activated at your picture house!

How to see more movies for less

There really is nothing like seeing a movie on the big screen. And with ticket prices continuing to rise, Dealflicks gives you the chance to see more movies as they were intended to be seen.

I get it. It’s tough seeing everything you want at the movie theater. We’re now firmly in blockbuster season – yes, I am saying that now, as we are in April – and that means you’re getting the usual array of releases together with the big-budget summer movies. How will you choose what to see each week?

Here’s the thing. If you’re wanting to save money and still hit up the multiplex for your fix of new releases, Dealflicks has you covered. It’s really easy to register, select your movie and pay for your (seriously discounted) tickets.

Oh, and did I mention you get free popcorn too?

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