Need a conversation starter? This life-sized Han Solo in Carbonite should do the trick

han solo in carbonite

We’ve all been there. You’re in the midst of a dinner party, you look around at your guests, laughing and joking, and you think to yourself, I did it, I threw a successful culinary evening. And, right then, as if fate was eavesdropping on your inner monologue, the conversation dries up and things get all … Read more

Stranger Things Ghostbusters action figures are hitting shelves this Halloween

stranger things ghostbusters

The blow that struck the hardest this week was undoubtedly the fact that we’ll be waiting until Summer 2019 to see Stranger Things season 3. Yes, it was expected, but Netflix has now officially confirmed it. Luckily, MacFarlane Toys has heard our collective sighs and woes, and released the first tidbits of info on its … Read more

With a Star Wars Porg backpack, what other accessories do you need? I mean, really?

star wars porg backpack

The Last Jedi stirred up a lot of… debate, among the fan community. But one aspect of Rian Johnson’s movie that cannot be disputed is the utter cuteness of the resident birds on Anch-To. Now those adorable birds (adorabirds?) are featured on a terrific piece of gear from ThinkGeek. This is the Star Wars Porg … Read more

Halloween 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray: the original 1978 movie heads to home video this September – preorder now

halloween 4k ultra hd, Halloween 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

After several days of online chatter concerning the Halloween 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray release, has confirmed the rumours; its hitting shelves later this year! The long-awaited Lionsgate release will be available September 25, 2018, giving fans the chance to relive Michael Myers’ first stalk n’ slash jaunt in glorious HD. The slasher genre was … Read more

Funko announces GLOW action figures: relive Zoya the Destroyer and Liberty Belle’s epic battle!

glow action figures, glow funko figures

Heading into the ring later this summer are the first ever GLOW action figures from Funko! Measuring 3.75 inches tall, this two-pack includes figures of Ruth Wilder, aka Zoya the Destroyer, and Debbie Egan, aka Liberty Belle. Available later in the summer, this sparring duo is said to be the start of a new line … Read more